The 10 Best Questions to Ask When Networking

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In the agriculture industry, your reputation and personal connections are critical. You could even consider them to be the cornerstones of growth and progress in your ag career. This means that it’s essential to master networking, including knowing the right questions to ask for networking and how to engage authentically with others. 

How To Start and Keep a Network Conversation Going 

Creating connections isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to starting and continuing a conversation. You want to go beyond the surface level and dig deeper while creating a solid connection. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that networking doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, when introducing yourself, you simply state your name and job title. You can share something brief about projects you’ve worked on or how long you’ve been at your job. You could even share where you went to school. Then, mention why you’re introducing yourself. For example, to ask a question, to pursue a role, or simply to meet someone new. 

One trick to keep the conversation flowing is to ask open-ended questions that require detailed responses. For example, ask about challenges or positives in the industry. Prepare yourself with questions beforehand and do your research about the person you will be connecting with. This can help you get an idea of their accomplishments, the type of insights they may be able to give you, and the sector of agriculture that they specialize in. 

The 10 Best Questions to Ask for Networking 

Whether you are building connections virtually, at events, or via phone, the important thing is to know which questions to ask that can help keep the conversation going, build rapport, and give you valuable insights. These are ten examples of effective networking questions to use when speaking with someone. 

1. What inspired you to work in agriculture? 

When you ask this question, you invite someone else to reflect on their choice, failures, and successes. They have the opportunity to share stories and experiences with you, and you have the chance to see where your goals and inspiration intersect. This can help you find common ground with each other and pave the way to a more profound connection. 

2. What challenges have you come across during your career, and how did you overcome those? 

By asking someone about their career hurdles and how they’ve managed those, you show that you know obstacles are common in the workplace and provide a safe space for them to share their triumphs. This is another excellent question to find common ground and build rapport. 

3. How do you stay updated on the latest advancements and trends in the ag industry? 

Another of the best questions to ask for networking is to discuss how someone stays on top of the latest industry developments and trends. This is an excellent way for you to learn from more experienced people in the industry and incorporate their tips into your own career. They may mention something like reading publications, attending conferences and training, or using online resources. This is a great chance to learn how to expand your knowledge base. 

4. What role do collaboration and mentorship play in your professional life? 

Mentorship and collaboration are key elements to progressing in your career. Networking is a perfect time to get insight on how to leverage these tools better. It also shows that you are open to these types of opportunities to strengthen connections and learn within the agricultural community. 

5. Can you share a networking success story from your career? 

This is a great question to help glean insight, learn new strategies, and practice active listening. When you ask someone to share a success story, it can be a powerful tool for learning and inspiration. This also helps you appear eager to learn and progress while being positive and collaborative. 

6. What advice do you have for someone hoping to enter the ag industry? 

Among the recommended questions to ask for networking is asking for advice. Not only does it help you come across as humble and genuinely interested in making it, but more experienced professionals can give you valuable insights into managing the complexities of the field. 

7. How do you find a balance between traditional practices and technology? 

The agriculture industry always requires a delicate balance between modern technology and traditional methods. Each person you ask will have a different idea and methodology regarding this aspect of the job. This helps open up a conversation about innovation, awareness of current trends, and engaging dialogue. 

8. What opportunities do you see for innovation and growth in the agriculture industry? 

Going along with the last question, taking the time to talk about innovation invites the other professional to share their vision of the future with you. It also makes you appear forward-looking and can leave an open door for collaboration or chances to work together in the future. 

9. How do you think networking contributes to sustainable practices in your field? 

Sustainability is huge in modern agriculture. These types of questions to ask for networking help connect sustainable practices to networking, lead to discussions about initiatives and collaborative efforts, and show a commitment to the greater good of all in the industry. 

10. What makes your product or service unique? 

While it may seem simplistic, part of networking is getting a feel for what types of services and products are out there, as well as gleaning information for your own career adventure. Everyone will have their own take and spin on what they do, their own tips and tricks, and some of these may be very relevant to your current or future career. 

More Questions to Ask for Networking 

These aren’t the only possible questions to ask while networking in the agriculture industry. Depending on your personal career objectives, the setting, and the professional you want to connect with, there are infinite questions you could ask. However, if you feel like you are lacking ideas, these are a great place to start. 

For more tips to help you advance in your ag career, check out our Career Advice Blog. 


In the ag industry, making connections is key to enhancing your career. Discover the 10 best questions to ask when networking with other ag professionals.
Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer is the Senior Marketing Manager at AgHires, with over 13 years of marketing experience, over 9 of which she has spent in the agriculture marketing industry. Growing up in a small farming town, Karyn has a deep appreciation for the importance of agriculture and its role in our communities. Since joining AgHires in 2017, Karyn has used her wealth of experience and knowledge to help job seekers and clients achieve their goals. She has a passion for learning and discovering new ways to support the industry.