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Soil scientist job tasks


Soil scientists play an essential role in identifying soil function and health. Some of their main responsibilities are to study, analyze, and provide recommendations of soils for appropriate land use. The study of soils greatly impacts agricultural and environmental efforts, which makes the work of soil scientists important to recognize in the ag industry. Keep reading to learn more!

Types of Responsibilities

  • Conduct general and detailed soil surveys
  • Recommend soil management programs
  • Monitor the effects of agricultural use or similar activities on soil productivity
  • Manage soils for crop production
  • Test sites and recommend solutions for land use.
  • Assess available nutrient and water levels
  • Study the physical and chemical properties of soil
  • Determine best soil types for different plants
  • Map soil types

Salary and Job Outlook

According to, the typical salary range for soil scientists falls between $59,131 and $91,458. This occupation will see an average growth of 2.75 percent per year.

How to Become a Soil Scientist

If you’re interested in becoming a soil scientist, conduct research on universities that offer soil science degrees. During this time, you can volunteer at environmental and conservation organizations and gain hands-on experience working with soils. If you’re someone with a passion for biology or environmental science, this may be the career for you!

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Have you heard of a soil scientist? If not, here's a brief summary of their duties.
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