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Crop advisors are experts in crop management and assist farmers with seed selection, soil fertility, plant health, and other crop-related responsibilities. These crop experts serve as important players in the ag industry by helping farmers grow quality produce for us to eat! Keep reading to learn more about crop advisors.

Types of Responsibilities

  • Collect and analyze soil
  • Scout fields and implement methods to control crop diseases, weeds, and insect pests
  • Examines fields and adapts crops to specific soils or climates
  • Help growers discover the best methods of planting, harvesting, and protection against climate and pests
  • Provide clients with agronomic solutions and suggestions for improved results
  • Analyze plant health
  • Develop reports and present results to farmers
  • Keep up to date on all agronomy services, technology, solutions, and trends
  • Assure customer satisfaction of products and solutions


Comparably reports the average salary for crop advisors is $58,220 a year.

How to Become a Crop Advisor

Crop advisors spend a majority of their time in the field consulting with farmers and providing solutions for their agronomic concerns. It is common for them to consistently travel across the territory in which they work to assist their clients. Typically, this career requires a bachelor’s degree in agriculture or multiple years of experience with no degree. It is also recommended to become certified and once certified an advisor will have to earn 40 hours of continuing education every two years. Click here to learn more about becoming a certified crop advisor.

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