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Posted by Karyn Moyer
Find a New Job

It’s easy to put your job search on hold during the holidays, but it’s important you get your momentum back in January. The new year is the perfect time to start looking for a new job or to continue your search a little more aggressively. 

The end of the year can be slow a time when it comes to hiring, but the start of the year is actually the opposite. While companies are wrapping up budgets at the end of the year, at the start of the year a new budget is in place and companies are ready to move forward with the hiring process.

January and February are typically the months when companies hire the most. Companies kick off new projects and initiatives, budgets are set, and additional staff is needed to help carry out the company’s plans.

Most people put their job hunt on hold around the holidays, so it is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage. Submitting applications at the start of the new year shows your strong interest in the position and allows you to be one of the first people employers see.

If you remain active in your job search, you’ll maintain your energy and enthusiasm, which are two traits that employers look for and love. Don’t let your momentum die out. Keep up the job hunting! Start your agricultural career search now.

Staying Positive While Job Searching

Searching for a new job can be a tough process. It may feel like you have searched every website and job board. You’re drained and you’re sick of it. After months of searching, it can be difficult to stay positive. Follow these 3 tips to help you stay positive during your search:

  1. Remind yourself that good things take time.
    Eventually, you will find the right job for you. Not every job you apply to will be a success, but the right one will come along in time. If you have a job offer that you feel unsure about, you may find yourself job hunting again in a couple of months, so take the time to really think about your options. 
  2. Stay up to date within your industry.
    Whether you are currently working or not, it is important to stay up to date with what is happening in your industry. Don’t fall behind just because you’re not working. Keeping up to date with the industry will help you stay involved so you are ready to take on a new position.
  3. You’re not alone.
    Many people go through the struggle of looking for a new job. It is not something you need to deal with alone. Your family and friends are there for you when you need them. Looking for a new job can be intimidating, but there are people who will help you through it.

Find more advice on your career search or start your ag career search now.

Start your new year off fresh with a new job!
Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer is the Senior Marketing Manager at AgHires, with over 13 years of marketing experience, over 9 of which she has spent in the agriculture marketing industry. Growing up in a small farming town, Karyn has a deep appreciation for the importance of agriculture and its role in our communities. Since joining AgHires in 2017, Karyn has used her wealth of experience and knowledge to help job seekers and clients achieve their goals. She has a passion for learning and discovering new ways to support the industry.