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job responsibilities of agricultural engineers


Enjoying a great new agriculture tool or piece of equipment? Say thanks to agricultural engineers! Agriculture engineers are responsible for designing and testing agricultural machinery and parts, developing new biofuels, managing land reclamation projects, and more. Agricultural engineers keep the industry moving forward by developing efficient and sustainable ways to feed the world.

Types of Responsibilities

  • Perform extensive research and development.
  • Estimate cost, reliability, and safety.
  • Design safe housing and environments for livestock.
  • Design food storage facilities, water reservoirs, food processing plants, and other structures.
  • Prepare sketches, designs, budgets, and project proposals to present to clients and stakeholders.
  • Design agriculture/mechanical equipment and tools.
  • Develop sustainable tools and practices to combat pollution at large farms.
  • Design irrigation and other water-control systems.
  • Ensure that potential risk factors have been evaluated.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of an Agricultural Engineer is $84,410 or $40.58 per hour.

How to Become an Agricultural Engineer

At least a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering, Ag Mechanization, Mechanical Engineering, or comparable Ag Technology or Engineering degree is desirable for this career path. Participating in co-ops or internships to gain hands-on experience is strongly recommended.

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Learn about the responsibilities of agricultural engineers.
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Deanna Solis

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