9 Signs It May Be Time to Quit Your Job

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Time to Quit

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with another hello.” — Paulo Coehlo

Leaving a job can be a difficult decision, the feelings of uncertainty and not knowing what to do next can be exhausting. So instead, many people ignore the signs and continue working at a place that is no longer fulfilling. These signs can be as small as getting frustrated at work or as large as laying in bed wondering about your future in the position. We’ve gathered a list of nine signs that may hint it is time to move on.

Feeling Bored

Now feeling bored alone is not an indication you need to leave your job, it is common to feel bored at work here and there. The boredom we are speaking of is an all-consuming, frequent lack of interest. Before quitting, speak to your boss about participating in different assignments that may spark your interest.

There is no opportunity for growth

Expanding one’s knowledge and moving upward is an essential part of life. If you are someone who prioritizes this sentiment at work, staying in a stagnant position may not be the best idea. There are many ways in which one can grow in a company, for example:

  • Leading new projects
  • Taking on a new position
  • Mentorship
  • Developing fresh ideas

If you feel like these opportunities are not viable options at your current employer, you may want to start job hunting.

You are extremely under-compensated

If your current pay does not align with the value, skills, and knowledge you bring to the establishment, considering resigning.

You are thinking about the future

Now it’s natural to plan ahead, but if you are constantly thinking about the near future without your current job that can be a telling sign it is time to leave.

You are always given the run-around

Being undervalued or taken advantage of at work, can affect your mental health. It may be time to leave if your manager has made promises that they seldom keep and they provide no valid excuse for why they cannot keep their agreements.

There are better opportunities

You may love your job, and that’s wonderful, but if you know there are different opportunities that will suit your lifestyle, skills, and professional goals better, it may be beneficial to explore your options.

You dread going to work

If it pains you to go to work and you stare at the clock during your shift, this can be a sign you are no longer satisfied in your position. It is important to understand why you dread work, it may be due to stress, a toxic workplace, or a lack of creative freedom. Once you’ve determined the reason(s), speak to your boss/mentor and determine your next steps.

Your life’s circumstances have changed

Perhaps you’re a new parent or maybe you are going back to school, whatever it may be if your life demands more work-life balance than your employer is willing to provide, begin searching for an employer that will understand your needs.

You feel frustrated

If you find yourself constantly frustrated or impatient with work, take a step back to reflect on why you feel this way. It may just be temporary emotions, but if you sense that it may be deeper, it may be due to wanting to leave your job.

Questions to ask yourself

When you start having these emotions or start seeing these signs, take some time to decipher what they mean and how they make you feel. Use the answers to help you determine your next steps.

  • Can my boss help me with these concerns?
  • Are these feelings truly work-related or are they enhanced by personal issues?
  • How can I make my experience at work more enjoyable?
  • Do I feel this way due to my position specifically or could it be my specialization as a        whole?
  • What are my non-negotiables for a job? What must a job provide?

In conclusion….

There are many indications that it is time to leave your job. Some are painfully obvious, and others will take time to have any effect. Nonetheless, it is imperative to speak with your boss about any grievances, explain to them how you feel, and ask if they can provide any solutions to your concerns. If at the end of the discussion you feel as though they cannot assist you, then it may be time to close the chapter and begin searching for different opportunities.

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Leaving a job can be a difficult decision. Read 9 signs that may hint it is time to move on.
Deanna Solis

Deanna Solis

Deanna Solis is the Marketing and Social Media Assistant at AgHires. Deanna enjoys planning and creating digital content to boost clients' exposure. AgHires helps agricultural and food production companies find the employees they need to run a successful business.