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Horticulturalist responsibilities and job summary


Horticulturalists are key members of the ag industry because they use their scientific knowledge to cultivate and propagate plants. Horticulturalists use their plant knowledge to provide technical assistance to farmers and environmental activists. These plant experts conduct research to understand plant genetics and maximize their health and growth.

Types of Responsibilities

  • Identify nutrient deficient plants
  • Prepare seedbeds
  • Propagate new plants through grafting
  • Prune plants and trees
  • Prepare the ground for the planting season
  • Conduct pest and disease investigations
  • Serve as consultants to farmers or landscapers
  • Lead environmental cleanup efforts

Salary and Job Outlook

According to Payscale.com, the average hourly pay for a horticulturalist is $15.68. The horticulturalist job market is expected to have positive growth.

How to Become a Horticulturalist

Many horticulturalist positions require a 2 or 4-year degree in botany or similar study. This career path will require you to work with soil, conduct plant research, gain breeding knowledge, and more. If you have a strong inclination towards plants, this may be the career for you!

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Horticulturalists have a strong impact on the ag industry! Read our blog to learn more.
Deanna Solis

Deanna Solis

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