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Posted by Lori Culler

Let’s face it, there are more statistics than I can name that talk about the shortage of talent, the struggle to find talent, and the financial impact talent has on the bottom line in agriculture. We all know by now, talent matters in a big way and there is not enough of it to go around. So when it comes to finding your next hire, how do you get in front of people to say hello?

Statistically 3 out of 4 currently employed individuals are open to learning about new opportunities working for someone else. That’s a huge advantage; 75% of employees currently working for the other guy are open to learning about what you have to offer!

While recruiting for a farm operation in Nebraska we started reaching out and sure enough the hire only lived one mile down the road. Our client said they had no idea he was looking for a new opportunity.

In today’s job seeker world, candidates are often casually looking for new opportunities. They might not actively be hunting for a new job, but they are watching to see if any opportunities might spark their interest. On AgHires, our job seekers can set up email alerts that inform them about new jobs. The best part is that they determine which types of jobs and in what locations they would like to get emailed. They don’t even have to look for a job to become aware of jobs.

The best way to find people is to be able to be found. Get your job out there and spark some interest in your opportunity. At AgHires we help farms and agribusinesses do this every day. Let us help you craft the perfect posting or assist you in reaching more candidates. Reach out to me or visit our website at

Lori Culler
AgHires, Owner

Your next best hire could be a mile down the road!
Lori Culler

Lori Culler

Lori Culler (Lennard), founder and owner of AgHires, grew up in and around the Agricultural Industry on her family's 3rd generation potato, tomato, and grain operation in Southeast Michigan and Northern Indiana.