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AgHires Executive Recruiting Hires CEO for Food Processing Plant.

Whether a senior leader in your organization is transitioning out or you're building your leadership team, AgHires is your go-to resource for executive recruiting. Today’s executives are constantly being contacted by recruiters; the approach has to be strategic and the effort has been rigorous and the message spot-on to attract top executives. Your leadership is your competitive advantage.

A food processing plant in Michigan was replacing their CEO looking for a new direction for their organization.  AgHires worked to not only recruit key candidates but also closely with the Board of Directors to identifying critical competencies, developing a selection process, and provide industry insight. Through our structured process, our team of recruiters hired and placed the new CEO that was the right fit and had the right talent with the right personality to drive their organization in their time of growth.

We pride ourselves on being extremely selective when it comes to submitting candidates to our clients. Through our deep industry knowledge, networking and sourcing; we have the tools, expertise, and connections to build a strong pool of candidates that specifically meet our client’s needs.  Our track record speaks for itself, we have a one-year guarantee on all executive searches and we have never had to replace an executive hire.

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Lori Culler

Lori Culler

Lori (Lennard) Culler is the founder of AgHires, providing recruiting services and job advertising for the agriculture industry across the US. Lori grew up on her family's 3rd generation potato, tomato, and grain farm operating in Southeast Michigan and Northern Indiana. Her work in human resources began outside of agriculture and while hiring for her family’s own operation quickly realized the lack of resources in our industry to find and attract talent which inspired her to launch AgHires. In addition to running AgHires, she works to provide education to both employers hiring and candidates looking for jobs.