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Lambertville, MI: The agriculture industry has a lot to offer. From great careers to great culture, to being part of feeding the world, and plenty more. AgHires is continuously showcasing the industry and what it was to offer. Now, AgHires wants to hear what others in the industry love about agriculture.

AgHires is encouraging the ag community (no matter what sector of agriculture you’re in. Whether it’s farming, agribusiness, food production, horticulture, ag equipment, ag technology, or biotechnology) to brag about ag. Selected entries will be showcased on Brag About Ag t-shirts, tote bags, and other merchandise in an agriculture-inspired design. Brag About Ag merchandise will be sold online and all proceeds will benefit an agriculture-related charity.

Grand Prize Winner

$250 Amazon gift card, a Brag About Ag t-shirt, and a tote bag.

1st Runner Up

$50 Amazon gift card and a Brag About Ag t-shirt.

2nd Runner Up

$25 Amazon gift card and a Brag About Ag t-shirt.

12 additional winners

Brag About Ag t-shirt.

The contest will close on October 10th, 2022. Winners will be announced on Monday, October 17th, 2022 and the online store will open shortly thereafter.

Ryan Young, Chief Revenue Officer at AgHires, says, “Agriculture is a special industry, we love how passionate the entire industry is, the opportunities that exist in agriculture, and how great its people are. We want to keep showcasing what the industry has to offer and let everyone Brag about Ag.”

AgHires invites anyone who wants to Brag About Ag to enter the Brag About Ag contest by submitting their entry at


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Mikayla Schaefer

Mikayla Schaefer

Mikayla Schaefer is the Marketing Coordinator at AgHires. Mikayla enjoys marketing to help job seekers reach their goals and assist clients in finding their ideal candidates. AgHires helps agricultural and food production companies find the employees they need to run a successful business.