9 Million Dairy Cows in the U.S., 94% are Holstein

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9 Million Dairy Cows

There are 9 million dairy cows in the United States. 94 percent of these cows are of Holstein descent. Holstein cattle are pretty easily recognizable due to their distinctive black and white markings. They typically weigh around 1,500 pounds and stand around 58 inches tall at the shoulder, which makes them the largest of the U.S. dairy breeds.

On average, a Holstein produces around 23,000 pounds of milk, or 2,674 gallons, each lactation. That is about 75 pounds, or almost 9 gallons, of milk daily during a standard lactation of 305 days. The world record of milk production was set by “Ever-Green-View My Gold-ET,” a Holstein cow from Wisconsin. The record was set in 2016 when she produced 77,480 pounds of milk that year.

When they are 23 to 26 months of age, Holstein cows usually have their first calf. Healthy calves weigh in at about an average of 90 pounds at birth.

For more facts about Holstein cows, check out the Holstein Association USA.

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These black and white cows are udder-ly important!
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