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Video Interview

With today’s technology video, interviews are more common. Video interviews are typically more convenient and cost-effective than in-person interviews and they help to accelerate the hiring process. It’s a great tool for the organization, but it can be bad for you if it’s not done properly. Here are 7 tips to help you execute your video interview and land the job.



Make Eye Contact.

Just like in an in-person interview, you want to establish eye contact. However, it can be confusing trying to do that in a video interview. Do you look at the screen? No, when answering questions look at the camera, not the screen, to appear to be making eye contact. Think about what the other person sees when they look at you. When you’re looking at the screen you’re looking down so it appears you’re not making eye contact. While the interviewer is speaking it is okay to look down, but just remember to look up again when it’s time to speak. An easy tip to help you remember to look at the camera, put stick-on googly eyes on either side of your camera to help you keep eye contact. This will also help you smile.

Be mindful of your body language.

Angle your camera from the chest up and have good posture. You don’t want to slouch. Keeping your feet flat on the floor will help you stay up straight. If you gesture while you speak, just make sure to your hand movements within the frame. Be aware that gestures don’t always translate well over video. Also, try not to fidget in your seat or tap your fingers. These nervous habits will be distracting to the interviewer. And don’t forget to smile just enough to show your confidence and interest in the position.

Speak clearly.

Just like any interview, you don’t want to mumble and try to keep the “umms” and “likes” to a minimum. Even with a great microphone, you want to make sure to speak clearly to ensure the interviewer can understand your answers.

Limit distraction.

You don’t want to distract the interviewer from what you are saying. Find a quiet place where you can close off any background noise that might take away from your voice. You also want to focus on what the interviewer is asking so you can respond accordingly. Make sure it is a neutral background with limited pictures and other items. There shouldn’t be anything else in view on your desk. The best location is with a solid color wall behind you. Keep your clothing to solid colors. The camera can cause some patterns to distort. Put on the same clothing that you would if you were meeting in person. Yes, that means you must wear pants.

Set the stage.

Now that you’ve found a quiet distraction-free zone, you need to prep the area. Make sure you have good lighting, so the interviewer can see your face clearly. Try to avoid overhead lighting, as these can cast unwanted shadows. Try adding some lights to the sides to light up your face.

Test, test, test.

Make sure to test your internet connection. Set up next to the router to ensure maximum connection or even hardwire in. Test your camera and audio as well. Call one of your friends to make sure your setup is suitable. Can they see you clearly? Hear you clearly? If needed, get an external microphone and/or headset.


If you haven’t used video calls often, start practicing. As mentioned above, call your friends and family and practice your setup. Make sure they can hear you and see you clearly. Make adjustments as you go. Even wear the outfit you plan to wear to make sure it will look presentable on screen. Try out the lighting, the background, and your positioning. The more you practice the more relaxed and prepared you will feel when the day comes.

Bonus Tip: If you must use your phone for an interview, make sure to set it on a tripod and don’t hold it. This will keep the camera still. You don’t want to make your interviewer motion sick. Also, keep the phone horizontal for a widescreen.

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Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer

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