13 Soybean Ag Facts

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There is one crop that impacts our lives daily. Do you know which crop it is? The soybean! Soybeans are used in nearly everything – food, cleaning products, hair care products, and much more. This bean impacts so much of our lives. As you sip on some soy milk, check out these facts about the soybean.

  1. This crop is a part of the legume family.
  2. Also known as the soya bean, it is native to East China.
  3. Soybeans were first domesticated in China around 7000 BC.
  4. The legume was first introduced to the United States in 1804.
  5. Soybeans were first grown in the United States as cattle feed.
  6. The United States produces 55% of the world’s soybeans.
  7. The crop is mainly grown in midwestern states.
  8. Brazil and Argentina are also major soybean producers.
  9. While the legume and grow in most soils, it does best in warm, fertile, well-drained, sandy loam.
  10. Soybeans have a variety of uses. They are used in ink, plastics, textiles, candles, cleaning products, and much more.
  11. Soybean oil is the second most important vegetable oil. The first is palm oil.
  12. In 1935, Henry Ford’s engineers developed a plastic that used soybeans. This plastic was used for the frames of his cars.
  13. April is National Soy Foods Month.


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Written by Abigail Tomalewski, Marketing Assistant

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Enjoy these fun facts about soybeans!
Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer

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