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Posted by Karyn Moyer
Your Job Search

Finding a job can be hard work and very time consuming. Many people struggle to find the job that perfect job that fits their expertise and experience. Sometimes just searching the job title and location you are looking for will bring up thousands of searches. Most people won’t want to skim through all of those results. Adding more keywords to your search can help narrow down the results. For example, there are hundreds of different types of service technicians, so how do you quickly and easily find the right type of service tech job without reading every job description? To help you narrow your search try using the following keyword categories.

Field or industry. Start with the easiest keywords, the industry or field you are looking for. It won’t narrow your results too much, but it will give you a place to start. From there you can add more relevant keywords to narrow the results. For example, start with “service technician,” then you may want to add “irrigation” or “heavy equipment” to narrow down the results to your desired field.

Location. This might depend on if you are willing to relocate or not. You can be very specific by putting a city or town, or broaden your search and just put a state. On AgHires.com you can add a radius to your location search as well. 

Skills and terms specific to your industry. If you have a specific skill you want to utilize, make sure you add this to your keywords. This will help you narrow down your search to positions that need your specific skill set. As a service tech, maybe you have experience with diesel that you want to utilize, make sure you add “diesel” to your search. Or maybe you are looking for a Farm Operation Manager job, but want to use your engineering skills, add “engineering” to your keywords.

Type of Job. Are you looking for part time work? Or maybe you want to work remotely. Add in those keywords into your search. That will also help you to narrow your search further.

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The right keywords can help you work smarter, not harder!
Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer

Karyn Moyer is the Client Success & Marketing Manager at AgHires. Karyn enjoys learning and discovering new ways to help job seekers and clients to reach their goals. AgHires helps agricultural and food production companies find the employees they need to run a successful business.